At PLS, we take pride in manufacturing high quality Sports and Nutrition. With our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff, we works directly with our clients to create the perfect blend of sports nutritions and supplements for THE ATHLETES!

We will be with you during every step of the manufacturing process. Our sports nutrition manufacturing service offers you to select from the wide variety of ingredients that boost the energy, stamina, power, fitness, body toning, focus, and more. Post selection of the ingredients for your customized formula , with our unique designer, we design highly alluring sporty-look labels and packaging. Once you finalize the label prepared by us, we swiftly move on to the next step of manufacturing process of your uniquely customized sports nutrition formula.

How to create a formula?

Once you finalize the ingredients of your need to make the final blend of sports nutritions and supplements , our approach is quite simple to provide you the high quality supplements with customized arrays of product options. We emphasize on minute details of each ingredients ,including its source and medical use, selected by our client. Our aim is to convert your vision into a highly quality sport nutrition; whether it is a need of football, baseball, basketball player, a bodybuilding supplements or any niche product for table tennis or paintball players.

To quickly build your brand recognition and trust with customers, our service is truly flexible which gives you greater control over the final product outcome.


At PLS, we service your manufacturing project in-house. In addition, also offers label & packaging design and fulfillment services . This will sum up to the total control in each step of the process, allowing us to fulfill your packaging needs down to the last minute detail. Whether you need large order quantities and bottles or small individual packets or capsules, we promise to attend to your specific needs.

For a free quote or additional information,

please contact us today by calling 1-888-222-3333.

Benefits of Our Service

When you choose to order sports nutrition supplements through our service, you can expect these benefits:

  • All-in-one manufacturing, design, and labeling service that is cost-effective and streamlined.

  • Safe ingredients selected for sporting performance
  • Formulation procedures to help avoid ingredients that violate sporting rules.
  • FDA compliant products.
  • Customization throughout every facet of your order – large or small.
  • Use of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
  • Affordable pricing tiers that allow you to reduce your cost per unit.
  • Unmatched customer service and quick 4-week manufacturing turnaround.


Client Satisfaction is our quality. At every step we execute, starting from procuring the ingredients to the finished high quality sport nutrition product, we meet FDA and NSF standards to being the highest quality.