softgelOur softgel manufacturing service provides the ability to create a unique dietary supplement. We offer customization of the color, shape, size and coating of your softgel supplement. Clients love our softgel manufacturing service because it is flexible, affordable and reasonable.

Consumers enjoy softgels because their smooth texture makes them easy-to-swallow. A softgel shell holds your nutritional formula in liquid form. This advantage is particularly beneficial if your formula contains ingredients that are challenging for the body to absorb. Softgels are inherently easier to market for the above reasons. If you’d like to request a quote for softgel manufacturing services, you may click the link below or give us a call at 1-844-222-3333, otherwise read on.


Your softgels can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The encapsulation can be transparent, tinted with the color of your choice or be made opaque. We recommend an opaque shell for when a formula is light sensitive. Softgels can be scented to mask ingredient odors, which is popular for fish oils and other Omega-3 products.


The most popular packaging container for softgels is a bottle, but some vitamin brands wish to package their softgels in a blister pack or single dose packaging. To compliment our softgels manufacturing service, we also staff in-house graphic artists who are dedicated to creating product packaging.

Transparent Scented Oval
Opaque Enteric Oblong
Two Color

This chart represents our most popular softgel manufacturing options, please call 1-888-222-3333 if there’s a specific manufacturing option that interests you.