Gummies have grown up. Once a favorite confection among young people, they evolved to a kid-friendly delivery vehicle for multivitamins and are now making their mark in the adult VMS (Vitamin, Mineral, Supplement) arena. Using its unique food science expertise and proprietary processes, the company has helped pioneer such products.

Kids love chewy gummy products because of their fun shapes and good taste. Flavor is an important factor for consumers of all ages, which is why we treat it as a top priority in our gummy bear products. Clients love our superior range of pleasing flavors. If you’d like to request a quote for gummy manufacturing services, you may click the link below or give us a call at +1 732.698.5070.


Whether we’re snacking on tart gummy candy or supplementing our diets with fortified gummy vitamins, we have come to expect a specific texture from gummies. The basic gummi formulation is comprised of sweeteners, gelling agents, acidulants, colors and flavors. This formulation can be modified by using alternate sugars, varying gelling-agent levels and blends, and adding gums and starches to reduce the setting time. The design objective is achieving the proper texture, sweetness, flavor release and storage properties. Depending your order size and requirements, we may also provide special pricing on high volume purchase orders. Upon requesting a quote, please include your specifications for more details.


Gummy vitamin products are commonly packaged in clear bottles and jars to display the vibrant, recognizable shape of the gummy vitamin. We offer custom packaging solutions, including unique bottle shapes and label design services.


At PLS we will work with you so that you receive the highest standard of gummy bear supplement manufacturing:

  • Affordable bulk pricing.
  • Popular formulas designed for children and adults.
  • Quick 4-week gummy vitamin manufacturing, so that you bring your product to market faster.
  • FDA-labeling expertise and guidance.